Intro To Manifesting

Do you feel like you've been trying to manifest but haven’t been successful?
Have you always wanted to learn how to manifest but have never found time?
Do you feel there is more to life but can't quite put your finger on what or how?

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    December 11 ,2020

    7:00 P.M

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    Zakiya Eshe

    Life Coach

    What is the Manifestation Course?

    Join me as I share all the tools I’ve used over the past 5 years to manifest a life I love. I will be highlighting the power of affirmations and show you how this simple tool can and will shift your existence if you do the work.

    How would it feel...

    To confidently create a life you desire using simple tools like affirmations. Transform your life and never be a victim to your past circumstances again!

    This free workshop will include:

    • Manifesting Worksheet
    • Why You Can Manifest
    • What You Can Manifest
    • Different Ways To Manifest
    • How To Always Be Successful With Manifesting
    • How To Retrain Your Mind To Create a New You
    • Importance of Conscious Consumption

    Imagine Learning Basics to Manifest

    • Self-Love/Confidence
    • Money/Material Gain
    • Health/Emotional Healing
    • Love/Romance
    • Happiness/Deep Spirituality
    • Happiness/Deep Spirituality
    • Vision/Purpose
    • Plus More!!!